About the affordable electric vehicle

As the owners of affordable electric vehicles, we have a lot of experience of the problems, heartaches, Headaches, and known issues with these vehicles.

But we also know the joys, fun and economy of these cars.

The mainstream cars have their place, but so do these little wonders. Don't dismiss them.

**The cars listed on our pages are not reviews unless specifically entitled as such**.

It should be realised that we give no prices for the cars for one reason. The cars are sourced mostly in China as China has the world's biggest electric car culture and manufacturing capabilities. It also means that the price in China will be much cheaper than the price in your country as shipping, local tax laws and dealers' profit margins must be added to any price given by any manufacturer.
TJG Rowley

Thomas Rowley

Thomas was the value analysis engineer for Thorn Electrical Engineering, the largest electrical engineering company in the UK. As the owner of an affordable electric car, he felt that not enough information was available on this kind of vehicle, written by experienced owners. Much of what we see on the internet is gleaned from brochures and websites without the writer ever having any practical experience or not even seeing a car up close. Thomas has spent a lot of time modifying and maintaining these cars. We hope we can shed a little light on some aspects for you.


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Diakou M'Zadeh is a graduate of MIT. He is the financial representative for Dempi GMBH in Switzerland and the financial brains behind The Affordable EV. Dia was the project manager for a huge project for ZTE and in the jungle refused a Land Rover and opted for an elephant as transportation.

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