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In recent years the global automotive industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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October's spotlight Affordable EV

The Affordable EV specialises in the lower-priced end of the electric vehicle market. Many people think that Affordable EVs are only for use in the town.

These cars are economical transport and most are comfortable, quiet and travel up to 220kM on a charge. They are a smaller version of the expensive electric cars.

The cheapest ones are for getting around locally. What does it matter if the mileage for a charge is 120 km? Who does 120 km travelling around the city?

There are many forums and websites dealing with the rights and wrongs of how the electricity is generated which is used to charge EVs, and whether they are really green or not. That is not our raison d’etre. Our mission is purely to present the small electric vehicles – mini EVs – which are being manufactured worldwide, in one place with their specifications. Most of these vehicles emanate from China,

Affordable EV specifications

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