Can you tow an electric car?

How to tow an electric car

You may not be able to tow an electric car. Check these things first.

You can tow an electric car if the car is front-wheel drive and the front wheels are raised. Rear-wheel drive cars must be low loader transported.

Don’t try to tow an electric car with traditional methods designed for petrol-powered cars until you check because towing poses substantial risks, potentially causing serious damage to the EV. The issue primarily stems from how these towing methods interact with an EV’s unique power generation and storage system.

Using a hook and chain truck, dolly, or wheel lift tow truck leaves two of the EV’s wheels spinning. When an EV’s wheels spin, they continually generate power, unless the EV is front-wheel drive, potentially damaging the battery and motor if that power isn’t being used. To safely tow an electric car, a flatbed tow truck is the recommended choice.

The Electric Revolution: Serving EVs with Innovation

The surge in electric vehicle (EV) popularity is impossible to ignore. In 2022, sales of electric cars soared by an impressive 75%, with no signs of slowing down. As the EV community continues to grow, so does the need for specialized roadside assistance. Recent innovations, such as SparkCharge’s Roadie Portable, have revolutionized the way car towing companies cater to electric vehicles.

A prevalent issue among EV owners is the fear of running out of battery power,

accounting for more than 65% of EV breakdowns. Whether stranded on the roadside or tucked away in a parking spot, finding a solution has often been a challenge. Most conventional roadside assistance companies face a conundrum when they come to tow an electric car, as the process can be fraught with complications.

Some affordable EV manufacturers have overcome this problem by incorporating a small petrol engined generator into the design of the car. The on-board generators are small enough and light enough to occupy a spot under the front lid of the car alongside a small petrol tank and the output is sufficient to raise the levels of the dead batteries. They are also an excellent assistant if long inclines are met as the generator can be switched on, assisting the batteries as well as charging them.

Check before you tow an electric car

An EV is never in neutral as far as the regenerative power is concerned. As long as the wheels turn without power being applied to them, they will generate return power to the batteries. Selecting N (neutral) in an EV only disconnects the power from the motor, not the motor from the wheels.

However, incorporating a flatbed tow truck into a roadside service fleet can be a costly endeavour, with expenses potentially reaching up to $130,000. This financial barrier has left many roadside companies unable to efficiently serve the growing population of electric vehicles on the road. This is why the charges to tow an electric car can be high, to provide a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution, ensuring that roadside and towing companies can keep up with the EV revolution.

Enter the Roadie

SparkCharge’s innovative product, The Roadie, is hailed as the world’s first mobile EV charger. Its compact design allows it to fit into vehicles of any size, alleviating the burden on tow truck fleets. To tow an electric car is then unnecessary if the only problem is a flat battery. What sets The Roadie apart is its modular design, which enables tailored delivery of charge to EVs.

For roadside assistance companies looking to expand their services to include electric vehicle assistance, SparkCharge offers unique packages. Among them, the “Electric Jerry Can” package includes two Roadie batteries and one charger, providing approximately 30 miles of charge to stranded EVs. With this package, drivers can reach home or the nearest charging station without the need for towing.

The Roadie Portable empowers roadside and towing companies to meet the increasing demands of EV owners while optimizing their time and cost efficiency. By choosing a provider equipped with innovative solutions like The Roadie, electric vehicle owners can rest assured that their vehicles will be serviced properly, contributing to a more seamless and reliable EV ownership experience.

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